“Writing great books calls for more than reading great books. Kenneth Farmer describes mental illness in a way that only a first-hand witness could accomplish. The beautiful fashion in which he shares his story will profoundly touch—and teach—us all.”
– Eric Y. Drogin, J.D., Ph.D.,
Former President, American Board of Forensic Psychology

Curtis L. Barrett, Ph.D.,
Former Director of Continuing Education, American Academy of Forensic Psychology

“Too many other memoirs on this subject are fairly singular in their depictions. They often lack psychological insight, social understanding, or in-depth presentation of changing family relationships in favor of focusing upon either the narrator’s impressions alone or the mentally ill character’s perceptions. By contrast, Farmer’s book is very nicely balanced.”
– Diane Donovan, critic for Midwest Book Review

“Farmer is an expressive writer who deftly pinpoints emotions … As the memoir develops, the author astutely captures how Lee’s mental illness revealed itself incrementally and also emphasizes how potential signs of schizophrenia are often overlooked….”​
  Kirkus Reviews

“Ken Farmer’s book recounts a family history marked by secrets, schizophrenia, and abuse. This compelling true story is about the experiences we share and threads that hold us together as family, even as we work to find our own path…There is anger, loss, and regret but also crystallized memories we hold that become an enduring image…Generational scars are traced to both origins and effects, yet each person is shown as more than their scars, and deserving of understanding and forgiveness.”
– Mary Bell, educator and activist

“Farmer’s engaging and emotional account of his life tears open the wounds inflicted by his dysfunctional family and brother’s schizophrenia. Unfortunately, families continue to be victimized by the unavoidable collision between the mental health and justice systems, and his story remains all too common.””
– Todd Meurer, municipal court judge and retired court commissioner

“A searingly honest account of a sibling’s severe mental illness. Kenneth Farmer’s story of his brother’s struggle with schizophrenia vividly illustrates how this disease affects not only the patient, but also their loved ones. The author’s background as a lawyer provides insight into his brother’s journey through the legal system. “Lee” will be valuable reading for anyone affected by a family member’s mental illness.”
– Tim Kiefer, criminal defense attorney

“Ken takes the reader on a vivid, emotional journey with his talented storytelling. The love for his brother is palpable as you travel with him through the mischief and despair of his youth. This is truly an excellent story for anyone going through a similar life experience.”
– Barbara Harris, registered nurse

Lee is a brutally honest and insightful story of a family’s struggle with mental illness and the harsh and sometimes dangerous realities of an unavailing legal system. Clearly written and eloquent, this book will break the heart of even the most the cynical.”
– Don Romundson, retired Wisconsin Court of Appeals attorney

“Farmer presents an emotionally energizing story. I have presented evidence in thousands of commitment cases, but I have never encountered such a complete and riveting ‘back story’ of a family in crisis due to mental illness.  I really love this book”
– Galen Strebe, long-time commitment prosecutor in Madison, Wisconsin